"Ekstra mylia" started implementing the Santaka Cluster project to develop export markets and strengthen internationalisation.

MB "Ekstra mylia" together with its partners UAB "Vakarų automatika", UAB "VR Electric", UAB "A-PAK", UAB "Ferox Baltic", UAB "Baltic iTech", "Digital Innovation Hub", MB "Inovatyvūs plėtros projektai", and MB "Kompiuterinių sistemų grupė" are implementing the project "Development of the export markets of the "Santaka cluster" and the enhancement of the internationalisation of export markets".

Project budget: €559.706,00, of which the EU share is €320.000,00.

Start of implementation of activities: 14 December 2023.

Expected end of the activities: 13 December 2025.

The objective of the project is to promote the international competitiveness and development of a cluster of export-oriented SMEs.

The project activities are aimed at strengthening the Santaka cluster, promoting its internationalisation, including membership of international networks, raising the profile of the cluster and its products, finding new export markets and expanding existing markets. The cluster project will contribute to the development of the green economy and will aim for a sustainable and environmentally friendly cluster project. Collaboration with partners who have green economy wisdom and technology can also bring new ideas and solutions that will help to develop an innovative and sustainable product for the market.

"Ekstra mylia" started implementing the project financed from the funds of the European Regional Development Fund. The funding is part of the European Union's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

MB "Ekstra mylia" started implementing a project financed by the European Regional Development Fund "Implementation of an e-commerce model in the activities of Ekstra mylia" No 13.1.1-LVPA-K-860-01-1516

Project budget: EUR 67.000,00, of which the EU share: EUR 50.000,00.

Start of implementation of activities: 17 March 2022.

Expected end of the activities: 17 March 2023.

The objective of the project is to introduce information technology to manage business transactions electronically in order to increase revenue growth.

Project objective - Implementation of e-self-service solutions in the company's activities.

The project will develop and deploy an e-commerce platform with all modules for customers to purchase services, sign e-signature order forms and automated contracts (document management), receive services remotely (some of the services are provided automatically), manage their own orders, create additional order tasks, pay for the services received by e-shop, receive automatically generated payment documents and leave feedback on the service received.
Services will include advertising organisation, campaign development, content creation, marketing. In the later stages of the company's life, it envisages expanding its basket of services by adding new services related to the company's activities.
The project will lead to an expansion of the online marketing of services, which will increase sales volumes and revenues, thereby reducing the impact of Covid-19 on the company's operations.